The Best Espresso With The Best Grinder

Let me tell you a secret about what makes the best espresso; the main answer includes using the best coffee maker with grinder during the preparation of the coffee beans. While some people reiterate the importance of using the highest grade coffee beans and other ingredients, these all become insignificant if you use a substandard grinder in making the espresso.

How Important Is The Grinder

For coffee connoisseurs, it is the most important. The coffee beans, the cream, and the espresso machine; they all come in at subsequent places.They don’t really tell you this in public. I had the opportunity of knowing this information first-hand when I took barista classes. You can consider this information as the main weapons of baristas like me. Without this knowledge, we couldn’t make even a decent shot of espresso with the help of a coffee maker with built in grinder.

Which Coffee Maker And Grinder To Get

I suggest you buy the coffee maker and the grinder separately. A good rule of thumb would be to spend twice the value of the coffee maker when purchasing a grinder. In short, spend more on the grinder’s value above all else. This isn’t exactly cheap so make sure you have cash to spend.

But if you don’t have the budget, then buying the best coffee maker with built in grinder works too. Just make sure you get the most top-notch unit in the market.

Which Kind Of Grinder To Get

The question remains; should you get the blade or the burr grinder? I am a fan of burr coffee makers since they allow more freedom to coffee lovers. With burr grinders, I can make sure the coarseness of the beans meet my preferences. Unfortunately, I will have to side with blade coffee grinders when it comes to espresso production. They give the most excellent grinding consistency that is needed to make espressos. Besides, a barista like me don’t have the luxury of time to grind beans from scratch using a manual burr grinder. Just imagine how bad that can get during rush hour.

How Espresso Should Be Made

The most common tip to brew a strong, flavourful shot of espresso would be to do it fast. The faster you finish the preparation, the better your espresso would taste. To summarize it better, let me share you a two-step guide I learned during my training.Always remember; just grind and brew. That’s the secret. It would be better if you can do more shots using a single cup coffee maker with grinder.

Listening To Others’ Opinions

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine. It’s normal that you want some kind of proof before taking my word for it. In fact, you can read more about coffee maker with grinder reviews online. After that, you will know that these reviews will still tell you the same thing about making good espresso. What’s that? The grinder is the main attraction of the show. A little tip for coffee shop owners; don’t skimp on it just because it’s expensive.

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