When Size Does Not Matter - Small Coffee Makers Can Be Good For You

Coffee culture is becoming big all over the world. People are starting to get to know how to differentiate between coffee and coffee. There are lots of specialized coffee stores offering quality brewed coffee all over the world, offering a great range of information on the best places coffee comes from as well as on all the quality grounding and brewing methods which are available on the market today for preparing real good coffee- even while traveling.

This time around I will differentiate and enlist the most popular small coffee makers, also introducing you to their basic working methods and tell you their pros and cons too.

Types and sorts of small coffee makers:

The Classic Pour-over And Its Thousand Variations:

The pour-over or dripping coffee makers will always stay a big favorite in the eyes of many. First of all, they are classy, widely available and let’s be honest: cheap. All you need is a combo of filter, water filler and a mug and you are ready. With the drip method, you can measure the quantities pretty well and you can prepare a bigger amount of coffee, depending on the exact size of the coffee maker of course. Over the past years and with the coffee- craze of the recent years, the pour over has hundreds of variations, with lots of these aiming to minimize the size while others targeting the efficiency. I would still suggest the combo devices as they serve a small home very well, they are reliable and they are also really easy to clean.

The French Press:

The French press is the hottest type of coffee makers today, according to lots of well-known expert baristas and other coffee enthusiast, this method of pressing the coffee down with the built- in presser will really bring out the taste, the aroma and the strength of the coffee. There are several subtypes of the French press available on the market today and there are also combo-devices which are easy to carry and store even in a small flat or while traveling and they will do the job for you very finely. The only drawback of French press combos is the cleaning process which takes a longer time, because of the higher amount of tools used for preparing the freshly brewed coffee

The Handpresso:

This small new device is something I’ve noticed appearing only recently, but its size, method of usage and energy efficiency makes this a real treat, especially for those who’ve been looking for small coffee makers they can use while being out on the road. The device, which fills its battery through 12V socket available in close to every vehicle, can make a real quality brew of coffee in a couple of minutes and it’s a combo device too. Its only drawback is that it can only make one cup per one go.

I hope you liked this small presentation on the hottest trends of small coffee makers and what types suite for what sort of usage. Coffee is a great, refreshing drink and us, coffee lovers are all worth of having the chance to brew our own coffee.

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