Small Coffee Maker – Why You Should Own One?

Small coffee makers can have tremendous advantages for you, no matter if we mean you travel often and you need a small but reliable device to brew your own coffee, or if you living in a small apartment therefore need everything to be space- efficient or if your lifestyle makes you move frequently and you need your things small and easy –to-pack. Luckily, today the market is largely prepared for the need for small coffee machines: there are literally hundreds of them available, suited to the purpose. In this piece I’d like to introduce to some of my favorites, and tell you more on why you should have them too.

The French Press style of coffee makers

French press style coffee makers are extremely popular these days. The method is easy, the machine has a built-in presser which works manually for you to press down the grounded coffee and this way, to literally press out all the flavor and aroma –content which otherwise would get lost. That’s why French press is highly praised and today there are lots of French press – often also called air-press – machines available. You can get a simple device cheaply. This only needs boiling water and grounded coffee and you do the rest of the job mechanically. Or you can get a more expensive but durable and time efficient combo device, which also does the job of boiling the water

The portable 12V espresso maker

These are relatively newcomers on the market of coffee machines and were specifically designed for those working while driving and those who travel on wheels. The machine works when connected into the 12V cigarette-lighter’s socket which makes it very efficient and useful. And they brew quality espresso for you. There are both single and double portable espresso makers available.

The drip coffee machines

The drip or pour-over coffee machines will remain popular for a long time. Their secret: their efficiency, their easy-to-carry, easy-to-clean qualities and the fact that you can brew larger amount of coffee with them without any extras. You can work either with filtered or with pure grounded coffee, given you uses the machine’s own filter then and there you go. Drip over coffee machines also come for a good price: a definite extra!

The Handpresso

This new little device is still new on the market but I predict that it will very soon become the favorite coffee maker for everyone spending bigger amounts of time on the road: as these work with the 12V socket built-in in literally every vehicle, the handpresso is very energy efficient and you can also carry it very easily, it’s so small.

There are dozens of sub-types of small coffee makers I could talk about: these are often any given varieties of the pour-over coffee makers. All in all I hope you found this piece informative on what coffee makers you should get for yourself. Brewing your own coffee is a luxury no more: use technology to its fullest and enjoy your own brew.

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